Lance Lee, Fashion & Documentary Photographer, Curator & Instructor for Photography

    Lance Lee is an extremely versatile photographer who excels in opposing disciplines - Photojournalism and Fashion Photography.

    Each genre requires very different mindsets and approaches. His experience in mastering both makes him a very good teacher in both aesthetical and technical aspects of most photography subjects.

    In photojournalism, documentary, portraiture and news photography, Lance works as an independent individual to capture decisive moments as he waits patiently for events to unfold spontaneously.

    In fashion and advertising work, he leads a team to conceptualise, direct and execute creative photographic projects.

    Lance's fashion images and portraits have been widely published in magazines such as Her World, ICON, Citta Bella, Female, Style, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Women's Weekly.

    His career highlights include photography for Singapore's Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew's book "Keeping My Mandarin Alive" and first Singapore Idol Taufik Bautisah's debut album "Blessings".

    His documentary photos of the SARS crisis in 2004 are published into two books "The Silent War" and ">38ºc Remembering Sars". The images were also exhibited at the Singapore History Museum.
    Two of his personal photo projects, "Migrant Workers" and "Transsexuals", have been exhibited frequently in museums and art galleries. The latter was published as a best-selling photo coffee table book "My Sisters: Their Stories". Selected fine art prints from the "Transsexual" series are also collected by museums such as Houston Museum of Fine Arts.

    A well-travelled photographer, commercial & advertising work has brought him round the globe to places like Argentine, Cuba, Mexico, India, Bangladesh and most Asian countries.

    Lance has a passion for teaching photography and he loves sharing his knowledge and experience. He is currently taking a sabbatical from studio and commercial work to spend more time in teaching. He travels frequently to conduct photography workshops as well as to further his personal photo projects.

    Lance is currently teaching in Beijing and Hong Kong.

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    一向热衷于指导新秀摄影师的摄影导师Lance Lee 是一位享誉新加坡、香港的专业新闻写实及时尚摄影师。
    新闻写实摄影和时尚摄影是两种风格迥异的创作领域,需要着截然不同的创作思路和拍摄技术,这使大多数专业摄 影师都只能专注于其中一项。
    曾经一心致力于新闻写实摄影的 Lance Lee 成功地突破了这种创作局限,游刃有余地驾驭了新闻写实摄影和时尚摄影。

    在新闻报导、纪录写实和人像摄影的工作中,Lance Lee 独自耐心地捕捉了一幕幕珍贵的瞬间。在此领域中,他的代表作包括:
    "Keeping My Mandarin Alive" 的指定摄影师

    (2)2004年SARS危机时在新加坡拍摄的纪录照片被收录于两本国家书刊 - 《 沉默的战争》和 《38度记念非典》。这些图像还被陈列在新加坡历史博物馆。

    (3)纪录写实作品 “变性人” 被刊登为畅销的照片书籍“My Sisters: Their Stories”。 其中的代表作经常被展示在博物馆和艺术画廊。

    在时尚和广告摄影领域,Lance Lee 不再是一个孤独的创作者和记录者。他融入了一个庞大的团队,并成为他们的领导者。他带领着造型师、化妆师、 发型师、灯光助理以及后期制作人员一起进行创作,艺术的美感通过大家的合作充分得体现了出来。

    作为一个出色的造型团队的领导者,Lance Lee从不倦怠,他极积地学习着摄影以外的知识,如化妆和发型等技巧,不断提高自己对整体美感的驾驭 能力。 与此同时,Lance Lee 也逐渐形成了自己的风格,从此享誉新加坡、香港的时尚摄影界。Lance Lee的时尚和人像作品多次被刊登在新加坡和香港的流行杂志如 <Her World>, <ICON>, <Style>, <Female>, 《都会佳人》等等。

    摄影拍摄工作让Lance Lee走遍了世界各地,包括美国,欧洲,阿根廷,古巴,墨西哥,孟加拉国,印度等国家和地区。这些经历帮他 开阔眼界,成为一个见多识广的摄影师。

    Lance Lee热爱学习,他认为知识源于经验,所以他也乐于同他人分享他的拍摄心得。 在新闻纪录写实与时尚潮流不同领域积累的摄影心得,使他成为一个多元化的摄影导师。 在新加坡,Lance Lee 桃李满园,培养了一批又一批的专业摄影师。 他还经常受邀到其他国家发表演讲和教授课程。

    如今,Lance Lee 来到了中国首都北京,开设了 Beijing Center of Photography (BCP), 北京摄影中心 (北摄)。他希望能够通过这个平台把他对摄影的这份热爱传递给每个志趣相同的人。