Beijing Center of Photography

    Also known as 北摄, the Beijing Center of Photography (BCP) is an international platform for photography based in Beijing. Located in downtown of China's capital, we are a full time organization dedicated to promote photography. We aim to help raise the standards of photography and to bring art to the masses.

    A major part of our work focuses on running long-term courses and weekend workshops for both professional and amateur photographers.

    Our topics are encompassing and they include photojournalism, fine art, travel, portraiture, documentary, studio lighting, fashion, stock photography and more...

    In BCP, we are dedicated to nurturing new talents. Our instructors come from all over the world, representing almost every country, age and background, making the learning experience in BCP rich and provocative. They are all full-time professionals - passionate about photography and eager to inspire our students.

    To complete the learning experience, we regularly organize shooting trips, photography exhibitions, public talks and film screenings for our students and photographers. BCP also curates for external venues such as galleries, museums and schools.