Talk @ Beijing Center of Photography on 6 Feb 2010

    Gregory Boyd, professional photography from New York talks about the importance of trust in portraiture photography

    Professional Portraiture: An Exchange of Energy and Emotions
    by Gregory Boyd
    Beijing Center of Photography (BCP) -

    When :
    February 6, 2010, 2pm

    Where: Beijing Center of Photography
    Jianwai SOHO Building 14 Room 0604

    Fees Free-of-charge

    For more details
    Email us at
    or call us at 010 - 5869 1383

    To make a good portrait one must earn the trust of the subject. According to Gregory Boyd a portrait is a record of an exchange of energy and emotions between the photographer and the subject. Gregory strives to make a personal connection with each subject no matter how brief the encounter. A portrait photographer must make their subjects comfortable so they will open up to the camera; this is of paramount importance.

    In his lecture at Beijing Center of Photography Gregory will share with the audience his portfolio, and offer a behind the scenes perspective of each selected portrait by relating the story behind the photograph. He will discuss who the subject is and why he chose to photograph them, as well as the specific equipment and techniques used for each photograph. How did he meet this person? Where were they? How much time did they spend together? How did he put them at ease? In addition to the emotional aspects of portraiture Gregory will also speak to the technical aspects of his work. He will share lighting diagrams and explain the technical aspects of combining natural light and flash. Gregory will discuss different types of light modulators such as umbrellas, softboxes, reflectors, and snoots, and suggest situations in which one would use each of these specialized tools.

    After attending Gregory's lecture you will have a deeper insight to the specifics of professional portrait photography, and ideas that will help you improve your own work.
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